Magnificent visits

  • The Abbey of Solesmes (18 km): place of Gregorian chant. These high walls reveal to Walker that the small Priory, founded in the 11th century, threatened with annihilation during the Revolution, then by the Benedictine order established by dom Guéranger in the 19th century, became a large Abbey, mother of many monasteries in France and beyond.
  • The castle of Plessis Bourré (24 km) :Majestically erected on its wide moat, this fairy tale Castle, framework of the film « Peau d’Ane », is a masterpiece of harmony, light and durable: as its constructor has willed, as it stands for more than 500 years… Its owners present you its real defence system, its wide moat, its four drawbridge still in operation, and of course, the seigneurial apartments whose comfort and refinement will make you dream.
  • The castle of Anger (38 km) : A gigantic Seventeen rounds of shale and limestone fortress built in the 13th century by the Dukes of Anjou, give back to Angers the pomp of a court life as evidenced by the refined architecture of the site. See more 
  • The castle of Montgeoffroy (38 km): Castle of the 18th century in Mazé has a beautiful park French 4 ha. Come and visit the different rooms restored with the decorations of the time. Admire the paintings, the Chapel, the gardens as well as the saddlery and stables.

Historical places

  • The House of the river  (11 km) :installed in the courtyard of  Châteauneuf sur Sarthe,home of the present River activity, prevailing on the rivers of the basin of the Maine, from the middle ages to our days
  • The manor of Sourche and its gardens à 14 kms : medieval set from the 13th to the 15th century, surrounded by its gardens. Today, the site shows a bourgeois set of stately, which most of the items date back to the middle ages.
  • The castle of Durtal (17 km) : strategic lock of the Valley of the Loir,this formidable fortress protected the Anjou. Overlooking the Loir, the 11th century construction, initiated by Foulque Nerra and Geoffroy de Martel, will expand and become, during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, this sumptuous palace-fortress where liked stay the Kings of France. Quite remarkable example of the transition from the middle ages to the Renaissance, true lesson in architecture, the proud Castle of the counts of Anjou always protects the city of Durtal, nestled under its walls.


  • The Museum of the air at 25 kms :Space Air Passion is located on the site of Angers Loire airport. It is the first Aviation Museum in France. It is open on 3,500 m² of covered area. Its collections are specialized in light civil and military aviation, gliding, amateur construction and model aircraft. In modern premises, space Air Passion present aviation history through a 40 planes and gliders (some of which is in flying condition), covering the period 1907-1970, including the aeroplane of René Gasnier who realized the first flight in Anjou, a replica of Caudron burst of Hélène Boucher, prototypes, unique in the world of aircraft wings flapping and mobile wings, the Piper American who participated in the Liberation of Angers in 1944… The restoration of the aircraft is done in slot in the public eye which can also go to the meeting of volunteer craftsmen. The site is suitable for children with books discoveries
  • Malicorne sur Sarthe (30 kms) : his village, its castle, its famous pottery of art